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  1. Jeremy Wray- YOU are who I look up to in skateboarding and provide me with great motivation. I was extremely thrilled to meet your friends promoting your new company with sunglasses and congrats on the newborn! Finially, my favorite pro with his own company. Ill be buying your decks from now on.

  2. I would like to pick up an 8.5. Can you tell me who presses your stuff and where I can get one on the east coast. Thanks.

  3. Hey Jeremy, I’ve been a long time fan of your style (since that tws interview in ’96 or ’97, not sure) and was glad to see the site finally up. I noticed there was no shopping cart attached to it. Were there any plans to have online shopping capability? I’m in Los Angeles, and if you need any help setting anything up, I’d like to help any way possible.

  4. I have been a fan of both wray brothers for a long time. I started skating in 1995 and at that time no one was better than Jeremy Wray. Seriously. At that time other huge names of course were Koston, Jamie Thomas, Muska, among others. But when I look back, I have to be honest and say that Jeremy was ahead of all of them. Jeremy Wray is the only reason I ever liked Element. When looking up the words pose or poser in Webster’s, there should be an illustration of the Element logo. Element is on the level of Planet Earth and Zoo York(goodbye Zered, thanks for a decade); sell-out brands that put fashion first and skateboarding second. As for Plan b, I wouldn’t want to group it in with the likes of Element, but I am very disappointed that after the reboot Jeremy Wray was not reinstated. After the creation of Girl and A-team, Jeremy was the “Jordan” of Plan b!! Since ’05 when they came back, I have not purchased one Plan b product and don’t plan to. Good luck to both Jeremy and Jonas and I hope to be able to purchase a Wray board.

    ps- sorry for the rant… this industry pisses me off sometimes

  5. Let it all be known when international sails gone wild, I don’t really care about the shipping cost unless it’s insanely high. But this Swede needs to promote and skate on some of those gears you’ve got!


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